Harness and Overbraiding

E. L. Wood Braiding Company has the experience and capability of over braiding electrical harnesses widely used in the automotive, electrical, and aircraft industries. Our department manager in charge of this department has many years experience in this field and is of the best in this description. Our knowledge of understanding this process along with reading blue prints for the cables, applying the necessary heat resistant layer and then the specified chafe guard outer layer, whether it is wire or textile, is every day business as usual for our company. If you need help or assistance in this area of “specialty” hands on braiding, we can guarantee a top quality product that will meet your expectations for any application at very affordable, competitive pricing.

Another part of the over braiding in our facility is our ability along with custom made machinery to apply braid over wire, cable, hose, and any other application where protection is required for strength reinforcement, fire resistance, chafe guard, or just decorative appearance. This can be performed using a wide range of fibers including Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Kevlar, Spectra, Dyneema, Wire, and other high tech fiber that your specification may require. If nylon is required, please visit our color chart where you will have access to all of our stock colors with an endless number of color combinations.

With these color options at your fingertips you can become a leader in your industry over night. No job is too small and we hope you will be a part of our future.



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