Accessory Cord

Accessory Cord at E.L. Wood BraidingThe Accessory Cords program at E. L. Wood Braiding Co. offers the largest variety of products and assortment of colors in the USA. Our Accessory Cord product line consists of 650 Nylon Paraline, 325 Nylon Paraline, Type III Commercial “550” Survival Cord, Flat Braid, 2MM – 11MM round and Kernmantle braids, and shock cords ranging in size from 1/16” – 1/2” in diameter. All of these products are available in solid colors as well as an endless number of patterns and color combinations to fit any application. Visit our color list for all of the colors available in nylon. These cords are also available in a wide range of colors in Polyester and Polypropylene.


Generic or Private Label Available


The Paraline cords and 550 Survival Cord are available in packaged coils in lengths of 25’, 50’, 100’, 200’ & 300’. The long length spools are available in lengths of 500’, 600’, 1,000’, 1,200’, 3,000’, and 5,000 ft. We can either use our own generic label or your private label, whichever is preferred.  




The Flat braids can also be produced in any of the colors that we have available to match your application. These braids come in widths ranging from 1/8” – 3/4” which allows this cord to be very popular for use in zipper pulls, draw cords, and even pet supplies such as leashes and collars. This product is available in coils as well as long length spools.


The 2MM – 11MM round and kernmantle braid is available in all of our 57 various colors. This style cord has a very wide range of intended uses, a few of which are zipper pulls, apparel, draw cords, halter rope for horses, dog and cat leashes, as well as many more.              


Our shock cords are available in diameters ranging from 1/16” – 1/2” and are also available in all of the colors we offer. All of our shock cord is manufactured with a nylon sleeve unless specified differently. Don’t be fooled by a competitive shock cords manufactured with a polypropylene sleeve that will only break down and deteriorate when used in the direct sunlight. The nylon outer jacket will protect the cord and its physical characteristics much longer than other materials commonly used to manufacture this product. This cord is widely used in the apparel and fishing industries, as well as camping, and many, many more.      


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